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Makeover Project - Team Logo Heat Transfer


bowling team logo heat transfer makeover
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Project Type: Heat Transfer / Team Logo
Purpose: Redesign a team logo heat transfer for the Strike Kings bowling team. The design will be placed on tee-shirts using a heat press.
Original: The current team shirts sport a plain red crown with black outline with the team name in plain black sans serif type.
Makeover Parameters: The Strike Kings are going into their 3rd year of bowling as a team. They want to celebrate by updating their plain old team shirts. They want to keep the "team colors" of red and yellow but are wide open for other ideas. The team consists of 30-something year old guys and one old-timer of 41.
Design a bowling team logo that incorporates the team name (Strike Kings) and any other imagery you want to use. The design will be placed on the back of yellow shirts using a heat press.
Other uses of the heat transfer include placing it on canvas tote bags and on a small t-shirt worn by the team mascot - a small brown stuffed teddy bear wearing a plastic crown.
Resources: Download a large gif of the original Strike Kings team logo for reference: strikekings_sample.gif
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