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Makeover Project - International Art Festival Poster Design


Makeover Poster

Makeover Poster Design

Project Type:



This poster design should communicate that the festival is about all the arts, not just dancing, and that it is international.


Created as an exercise for learning Illustrator CS, the designer drew the dancer with "different brushes to give the idea of the diversity of arts, and through one art (illustration) I was describing another art (dancing) again to give the idea of the diversity." The globe represents the international nature of the festival.
The designer states "I think the globe on top of the dancer is not too good. If the globe was done differently (but I just don't have time to do it), it would probably be fine. My idea was to make the globe transparent, so one could see the other back side of the globe, and have the latitude and longitude lines visible."
The lorem ipsum text in quotes is intended to have a quote about the arts by someone famous.

Makeover Parameters:

Design this poster as if it would be printed litho by an outside printer. Bleeds can be utilized. No size specified. No specific fonts or colors specified. You can keep the graphic idea and general layout or do something entirely different as long as the poster communicates that the festival is international and is about all of the arts. The date, time, and location must be included (placeholder text is fine).


Download the original poster design in PDF format for reference: artfestival.pdf

Posting Your Redesign:

NEW: As of September 21, 2010 we have a new redesign submission process for the International Arts Festival poster. Fill out this Show and Tell form describing what you did and how you did it. Attach one or two GIF, JPG, or PNG images of your makeover (one image is required, the second image is optional). Your makeover will go into a queue and once published live on the site you can post a link in the forum (reply here) to your submission if you wish to request feedback. Your submission may also be featured in the About.com Desktop Publishing blog or newsletter.
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