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Makeover Project - Soap Packaging


Representation of the box for a bar of Saphon soap.

Representation of the box for a bar of Saphon soap.

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Project Type:

Beauty Product Packaging; Box with Header Hang Tag


To provide a package for a single bar of soap which can be displayed on a hook in a retail setting.

NOTE: This is a fictional soap for a fictional soap company. Any resemblance in names or design to any real company or product is purely coincidental.


This is the packaging that the company has been using since 1990 with only minor modifications over the years. They are happy with the basic style and size of package (box with hang tag) but want to replace the old-fashioned style of artwork.

Makeover Parameters:

The Carrot & Orange Beauty Bar is the signature product of Saphon, a beauty products company that makes a small line of soaps, bath salts, and bath oils using fruit and vegetable combinations. They are looking to create a new look for the entire line, starting with the Carrot & Orange Beauty Bar. They want a less old-fashioned, more contemporary design.

1. Use the size/dimensions as specified in the box template files. When folded, the front of the box is 2.75 inches by 3.75 inches.

2. In addition to the artwork and copy, the bottom flap should have a bar code (use a placeholder box if you wish).

3. The box should have a place for a description of the product and an ingredients list (use placeholder text unless you want to make up some copy).

4. The phrase "Feed Your Skin" and/or "Your Skin Will Eat It Up" should appear somewhere on the box. These are tag lines the company wishes to retain for all their products. Incorporate either one or both in whatever manner you wish ("Feed Your Skin currently appears on the front of the hang tag and on the back of the box).

5. Use the Saphon logo at least twice on the box (the green oval with the word "Saphon" is used in the samples. Anything similar is fine for the makeover project.

6. The product name is "Carrot & Orange Beauty Bar."

7. You may place text or images as you see fit on the front, back, side, top, and bottom panels. You may also place text and images as you see fit on the front and back of the box header -- note that it has a diecut hole for hanging the box.


Additional Notes on Original Design:

You are free to use whatever fonts, colors, and imagery you feel work for this product. The original design uses an image from Dover's 120 Classic Posters from "Les Maitres de l'Affiche" and take its color palette from that image. Fonts include SimSun and Arno Pro. Saphon, on the front panel, uses Oldgate Lane Outline (S) and QuigleyWiggley (aphon).

About the Company and the Product:

The target audience for this product -- and all Saphon products -- is women. Currently the primary consumers for this product are 30 to 60 year old women. Although the product remains the same, the company hopes to attract a wider range of women, including teenage girls -- by giving their product line fresh, new packaging that appeals to both younger women and their current customer base.

The Carrot & Orange Beauty Bar is a mild soap containing carrot juice and orange juice and other natural ingredients. There is no added fragrance, no artificial color, no artificial preservatives. Some of the phrases used to describe the product (some are found on the current packaging): All Natural, Soothing, Mild, Gentle, Garden Fresh.

"Your Skin Will Eat It Up" and "Feed Your Skin" are both phrases used in current product marketing for the entire Saphon line. Other products include Tomato & Red Plum Bath Gel, Spinach & LIme Bath Oil, and their newest product, Red Pepper & Strawberry Facial Scrub.

Post Your Redesign for Critique:

After you've created your box design, post a message in the Makeover Project: Soap Box discussion thread in the forum. Attach a PDF file or a GIF or JPG or PNG image (saved from your software or a screenshot) to your message. Please take a moment to explain your redesign -- why you chose the colors, images, and typefaces that you used, for example.

Also, take a few minutes to look at the redesigns posted by your fellow designers. Offer your suggestions. Tell us specifically what you do or don't like about individual makeovers.

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