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Repeating Colors, Patterns and Shapes, and Words

Repetition, One of the Principles of Design, in Page Composition


Repetition of the same words, the same or similar patterns, and similar colors helps create a pleasing and cohesive composition.
Repetition is seen in the color, shapes, patterns, and words of this page.

Repetition, one of the principles of design, is seen in the color, shapes, patterns, and words of this page.

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There are a variety of repetitions going on in this composition:
  • Color: The blue of the girl's skirt is echoed in the blue writing on the wall and the blue title ("Affirmation #416")

  • Patterns/Shapes: The main background is a repeating brick pattern, the skirt contains a repeating pattern

  • Words: The words on the wall repeat over and over

About this image: Original size of 6"x9", created as an art journal page, the girl is extracted from an illustration by Firmin Bousset from the Dover Classic Posters from "Les Maitres de L'Affliche" CD-ROM & Book. The writing on the wall is a scan of my writing. The brick background is created from Corel Photo-Paint bitmap and texture fills.

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