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It is seldom that you'll find a photograph that is ready to use in your page layout without some sort of editing. One basic way to modify photos is to crop them -- remove some part of the image. Cropping changes the appearance of photographs and clip art in order to better fit the layout, make a statement, or improve the overall appearance of the subject matter.
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Cropping Background ClutterCrop the BackgroundCropping for FocusCrop to Show What's ImportantBefore: Girls small in foreground. After: Girls come forward, get bigger with cropping.Crop to Bring What's Important Closer to ViewerCropping to change shape.Crop to Change the Shape or Orientation
Cropping HeadshotsCrop to Create Uniform ImagesCropping backgroundCrop to Add Action, Interest, or IntrigueCropping out the main subject.Crop Out the Main SubjectA girl and her cellphone used multiple ways.Crop to Get Multiple Uses From One Photo
Photos cropped into fun shapes.Crop Creative Shapes
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