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Creative Thinking

Put Yourself in a Creative State of Mind


Think Backwards

Creative Thinking is a State of Mind

S | A | E | D | I
Creativity and creative thinking is the process of coming up with something new and different. That something may be a product or service, a work of art, a solution to some problem.
We all have some level of creativity within us. As with other activities, you can teach yourself to be more creative. Sometimes creative thinking requires us to look at things from new perspectives. Learn to unleash your inventive genius by thinking backwards. Here is an appropriate acronym containing five steps to creative thinking:
S A E D I -- that's IDEAS backwards!
S - State of Mind
Creativity is a state of mind. Telling yourself or others "I'm not very creative," or "I can never come up with new or clever ideas," destroys that state of mind.
Creative thinking requires positive thinking.

Read Positive Messages. For long-term creative thinking, read and study books on positive thinking. Some classic titles include Norman Vincent Peale's The Power of Positive Thinking and Robert H. Schuller's Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Do.

Get a Quick Fix. If you have to come up with a clever new ad slogan or a new product name by next week, use some "quick fix" state-of-mind techniques to make yourself ready for creative thinking.


  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Relax your body and mind with deep breathing.
  • Let your mind wander freely.
  • Don't dwell on deadlines or other negative thoughts.
  • Finally, don't forget to daydream; it can be a very effective tool for creative thinking.

In addition to a clear head, it helps to have a physical space conducive to creative thinking. Think about your atmosphere.

S | A | E | D | I
Think Backwards to Think Creatively and Generate IDEAS


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