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Exploring Simple Graphics Software Techniques With Some Virtual Egg Painting


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Draw an egg
Editing an ellipse to make an egg shape.

Editing an ellipse to make an egg shape in CorelDRAW.

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First, we need an egg to paint. One way to do that is to draw an ellipse in a drawing (vector) program then make one end fatter and the other pointier.

I used the ellipse (or circle) tool to start.

Or, you could draw a shape on paper and scan it or find a piece of clip art of an egg and make it solid black. We want a plain, unadorned egg to start with.

After reshaping your ellipse into an egg (or scanning an egg, etc.) make it a solid color (black works fine) and save the image. If you don't want to make Easter eggs, draw a circle and make beach balls.

Basic technique in a vector drawing program such as CorelDRAW or Illustrator: Draw the ellipse, convert to curves, use the node editing tools to reshape the ellipse.

Next we move to our paint program where we'll create a mask or a stencil to paint. I'll show you how to paint your eggs (or your beach balls, or any other shape) without worrying about staying inside the lines.

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