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Draw a Heart in Windows 7 Paint


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Fill Your Heart
draw a heart with windows 7 paint

Use the fill tool to quickly color your heart.

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Select the Fill (bucket) tool and choose a color you like. Click in the middle of your heart to fill it with color.

If you prefer, you could use one of the Brushes such as Oil, Marker, or Crayon to carefully color in your heart. It will give a whole different look. But be careful. Unlike more sophisticated paint programs, Windows Paint doesn't have masking so you can't protect your heart outline while painting in the middle. You'll need to paint carefully to keep from painting over your outline.

  1. Introduction: Draw a Heart
  2. Draw a Line
  3. Shape a Curve
  4. Complete the Curve
  5. Start 2nd Half of Heart
  6. Shape 2nd Half of Heart
  7. Complete Basic Heart
  8. Fine-tune and Close Gaps
  9. this page
  10. Draw Arrow
  11. Finish Arrow and Add Text
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