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Draw a Christmas Tree With a Paint Program


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Use Your Mouse or Graphics Pen and a Paint Program to Draw and Color
Draw a Christmas Tree

Imperfections are part of what make this drawing perfect.

© J. Bear
Make your own greeting cards using your own original images even if you don't think you can draw -- and even if you don't have the most sophisticated software.
This tutorial is based on the Draw a Christmas Tree Step-by-Step tutorial from About.com Drawing/Sketching Guide Helen South.

I've adapted Helen's pencil/marker drawing tutorial to the computer. My Christmas Tree is drawn in Windows Paint 7 which is a very basic paint program. Use Helen's tutorial for learning to draw the tree. Refer to this tutorial for tips specific to drawing this same tree using basic programs like Windows Paint as well as Photoshop and other bitmap editors that have features that can make this an even easier project.

While a graphics pen can provide a drawing experience that's closer to using a pen or pencil, with this cartoon style of drawing, you can still get good results with a mouse. The Christmas Tree in this tutorial was drawn with a mouse.

Once you've drawn your Christmas tree, use it in your own greeting cards or other holiday projects.

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  3. Draw a Star
  4. Draw Tree Branches
  5. Erase Triangle
  6. Decorate the Tree
  7. Color the Christmas Tree
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