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Crafty designs are all yours when you combine desktop publishing skills, software, and your printer to create photo albums, decorations, gifts, tags, wearable art, posters, and banners. Select easy-to-use software with just the right templates, fonts, and clip art. Get computer craft project ideas.
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The Role of Desktop Publishing in Crafts and Creative Printing
Just a few of the items in the Crafts and Creative Printing category: Calendars, Candy Wrappers, Greeting Cards, Invitations, Envelopes, Scrapbooks, Party Decorations, Decorative Boxes. Learn more about designing and printing computer crafts.

Software for Desktop Publishing Holiday Gift-Making
Although you could create scrapbooks, calendars, iron-on transfers, and other creative printing projects with any almost any desktop publishing or graphics software, these specialized programs make the process easier and faster. And they include templates and artwork specifically tailored to each type of gift.

Make Word Snowflakes
Put a secret message in a snowflake. All you need is a vector graphics program, some fonts, and imagination.

Can I Sell Products That Use Free Images Off the Internet?
Free images do sometimes have restrictions. Learn more if you plan to use free images in crafts you want to sell.

Digital Scrapbooking - a Beginner's Reference
You can use Photoshop and other graphics software to create photo-filled pages that preserve your memories in fun ways that you don't get with traditional photo albums. Learn how to use your computer and photographs for digital scrapbooking.

Coin Collection Grid for Jefferson Nickels
This fun print project for kids or adults combines getting started in coin collecting for just 4 dollars and desktop publishing. Create a coin grid for a collection of Jefferson Nickels. Coins Guide Susan Headley helps you collect the coins and Desktop Publishing Guide Jacci Howard Bear helps you make a nice display mat for your new coin collection.

Create a Popup Gift Box
Writing for About Graphics Software, Sara Froehlich shows how to use Adobe Illustrator to design a unique gift box for small gifts.

Click on 3B2-Online then select Calendars, Business cards, greeting cards, or a type chart to design online and print the resulting PDF from your own printer.

What is a Scrapling?
A term coined for certain leftover bits of paper. You could create digital scraplings.

Put Your Personal Stamp on Your Designs
Use personalized stamps for that extra creative touch on your cards,and letters.

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