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Creating and Fine-tuning a Basic Student ID Card


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The Assignment: Make an ID Card for a Homeschool Student
Printed and self-laminated ID card

Printed and self-laminated ID card

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My children are all homeschooled. Although we've talked about creating a homeschool student ID card for them, it's a project that always seems to get pushed to the backburner. But one daughter, Sam, needed a school ID recently in order to attend an after-hours function at a local public school.

I handed her a brand new copy of The Print Shop Deluxe 22, told her to install it on her computer, and gave her just a few basic guidelines about creating an ID card. Sam and her sisters figured out how to use the program with no trouble at all and were quite pleased with their first efforts. But after they were finished with their masterpiece, I came in and gave it a few tweaks as outlined in this walk-through -- resulting in the finished card shown above.

Products Used

  • The Print Shop Deluxe 22 (to design the card)
    (See Step 2 for more software recommendations)
  • Photo (digital photo of student)
  • Low gloss photo paper
  • GBC SelfSeal (card-size laminating pouches)

Making Your Own Student ID Card

Personal note: Our homeschool is named for my paternal grandmother, Nell Howard, who never went to high school but when she was around 70 years old she went back to school and got a GED.

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