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On the basketball court, one pro team looks much like another. But send a few of those players for a stroll down most any major city street and something becomes apparent — those players are much taller than your average guy on the street. That's contrast. In design, big and small elements, black and white text, squares and circles, can all create contrast in design.

Contrast - Four or More Ways to Use Contrast in Graphic Design and Page Layout
Contrast is one the principles of design. Contrast occurs when two elements are different. The greater the difference the greater the contrast.

Bold Type
Bold type is one way to create contrast or provide emphasis. Use it wisely.

Break Up Text
Among the examples are ways to use contrast in size, color, type, and alignment to break up blocks of text.

Graphics Tips: Make it Larger
Graphic tip uses contrast in size.

Graphics Tips: Make it Smaller
Graphic tips uses a large amount of white space and small size to create contrast.

Super-Size Your Graphics to Create Visual Impact
CVI is about the use of one visual element that is at least three times larger than others on the page. This larger than the rest image contrast immediately attracts the eye and pulls you into the page. View several examples of pages with a strong center of visual impact at Poynter Online.

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