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Color Separations With Desktop Publishing Software

Create color separations and have them print correctly from your software whether you are using Adobe, Corel, Microsoft, or Quark desktop publishing software. These tutorials, articles, and tips describe the process and offer advice to make the creation of color separations go more smoothly.

CorelDRAW / Photo-Paint: How to Create Spot Color Separations
These are videos that walk and talk you through the process of separating bitmap files with Corel Software.

Illustrator: How to Create Your Own Color Separations
9 step illustrated tutorial shows how to create spot color separations as a PDF file from Adobe Illustrator.

Illustrator: How to Make Color Separations
No pictures but this eHow tutorial walks you through 7 steps starting with preliminary tasks such as color calibration.

InDesign: Create Color Separated PDFs With Adobe InDesign
Read the explanation as well as the reader comments for information on PDFs, InDesign, and color separations.

Photoshop: Spot Color Separations
For Photoshop 5, this Photoshop 911 tutorial walks through creating new spot channels, converting existing channels to spot channels, and finishing.

Photoshop: Why Your Photoshop Color Separations are Wrong ...
...and How to Fix the Problem. This PDF article describes how to make "a proper CMYK color separation for sheet-fed printing."

Publisher: About Color Separations and Microsoft Publisher
Here's what you can and can't do in Microsoft Publisher when doing color separations.

Publisher: Separations in Publisher 98
Still using Microsoft Publisher 98 and need to create separations. Here's what you can do.

QuarkXPress: Exporting Spot Color Separations to PDF
This article describes using PDF export to create color separations from QuarkXPress documents.

QuarkXPress: What QuarkXPress Does With Spot Colors in EPS
Some tips for EPS graphics with spot colors when printing from QuarkXPress.

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