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Medium to Dark Blue Color Palettes


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2 Color: Shades of Cyan With Dark Orange
Pick a color around cyan and a warm reddish orange.

Pick a color around cyan and a warm reddish orange.

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Medium to dark cyan is a blue on the verge of green. Here various shades of medium blue and cyan are teamed with dark brownish orange colors.

In addition to the calming attributes of cool blue, this darker shade of blue may also carry some of the symbolism of green such as balance, harmony, and stability. It gets a little warmth and energy when paired with brownish or reddish shades of orange. Brown is a natural, down-to-earth neutral color. Red and cyan are opposites on the color wheel with high contrast, but they aren't necessarily a great combination. Moving from red to orange and to darker blues provide a more pleasing palette.

From darkest to lightest, the red-orange shown with each blue swatch in the above image are:

  • Deep Orange Red Hex #CD3700 | RGB 205,55,0
  • Cadmium Orange Hex #FF6103 | RGB 255,97,3
  • Numbers: Red Hex #FF0000 | RGB 255,0,0 (SVG/CSS color keyword red)
The blues are:
  1. Dark Royal Blue Hex #27408B | RGB 39,64,139
  2. Deep Sky Blue Hex #00688B | RGB 0,104,139 (not color keyword deepskyblue)
  3. Dark Slate Blue Hex #2F4F4F RGB 47,79,79 (not color keyword darkslateblue)
  4. Dark Cyan Hex #008B8B | RGB 0,139,139 (the greener side of blue)
  5. Manganese Blue Hex #03A89E | RGB 3,168,158 (a blue turquoise color)
  6. Cyan (Aqua) Hex #00FFFF | RGB 0,255,255 (SVG color keyword cyan or aqua; a blue-green color)

You don't have to use these exact shades. Go a touch lighter or darker, or step one spot to the left or the right on the color wheel. These color combinations are just to help you find a suitable color palette using dark blue as the main component.

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