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Medium to Dark Blue Color Palettes


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2 Color: Mix Deep Blues With Golden Yellow
Pick a shade of yellow to go with a deep blue or violet-tinged blue.

Pick a shade of yellow to go with a deep blue or violet-tinged blue.

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Take dark blues to almost purple and add a splash of sunshine yellow in a complementary color scheme.

Blue is a cool color moving to warm as you add the purplish tones while yellow is a warm color on the other side of the color wheel. To avoid unpleasant vibrations, avoid using in equal amounts. Enliven your blue with a splash of yellow (or calm your yellow with a dash of blue).

From darkest to lightest, the yellow shown with each blue swatch in the above image are:

  • Cadium Yellow Hex #FF9912 | RGB 255,153,18 (a warm, brownish yellow)
  • Gold Hex #FFD700 | RGB 255,215,0 (SVG color keyword gold)
  • Numbers: Hex #FFFF00 | RGB 255,255,0 (SVG/CSS color keyword yellow)
The blues are:
  1. Very Dark Blue Hex #000033 | RGB 0,0,51 (a browser safe dark blue)
  2. Midnight Blue Hex #191970 | RGB 25,25,112 (SVG color keyword midnightblue)
  3. Dark Slate Blue Hex #483D8B RGB 72,61,139 (SVG color keyword darkslateblue; a grayish-purple blue)
  4. Indigo Hex #4B0082 | RGB 75,0,130 (SVG color keyword indigo; a purplish blue)
  5. Blue Violet Hex #8A2BE2 | RGB 138,43,226 (SVG color keyword blueviolet)
  6. Cobalt Blue Hex #3D59AB | RGB 61,89,171

Dark blues and medium shades of blue symbolize importance, confidence, power, intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism. Colors that push to the violet-purple side of blue can add a touch of mystery, hints of femininity. It adds warmth to the cool blue.

You don't have to use these exact shades. Go a touch lighter or darker, or step one spot to the left or the right on the color wheel. These color combinations are just to help you find a suitable color palette using blue and orange as the main components.

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