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The Colors of Easter


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Easter Lillies and Easter Eggs: What Color is Easter?
Not all Easter colors are pastel pink and pale yellow.

What color are your Easter eggs?

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Do you associate Easter with pretty pastels? And what is a pastel color anyway? On the next two pages we'll explore two kinds of Easter colors — the light or pastel colors of Easter bonnets, painted eggs, and the Easter bunny and the colors of the Christian Church used at Easter and their symbolism of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

I'll provide you with examples of colors such as Robin Egg Blue and Spring Green and examples of the religious Easter meanings for red and purple and white Easter lillies. While you don't have to use these specific colors in your Easter-themed print or Web projects, they provide a good starting point when you want people to think Easter or Springtime.

Use Easter colors for Easter egg graphics, Easter greeting cards, invitations and signs for an Easter Egg Hunt, and Easter decorations.

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