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Victorian Color Combinations
Color Palettes with CMYK Formulas

These Victorian era color palettes feature primarily warm colors. The overall tone of most of these palettes is soft and subdued rather than bright or electric colors found in later decades.

colour combinations - a victorian palette of yellow and orance with green
C65Y35K15 | M90Y100 | M35Y100 | Y70 | M10K35 | C40K100
Many soft colors on a backdrop of gray.

colour combinations - a victorian palette of browns
M90Y100 | C15M35Y60K3 | C30M55Y100K30 | C40K100 | White
This typical Victorian palette fits well with the era's nickname: the Brown Decades. Two shades of brown unite the black and orangy red.

colour combinations - a victorian palette of grays
C10M15Y25K2 | C30M20Y40K13 | C8M90Y100K3 | C40K100
Another muddied color scheme with grays instead of browns.

colour combinations - a victorian palette rich colors
C100M40K30 | C85Y70K45 | M15Y70 | M70Y65 | C30M100Y70K30
Not all Victorian era colors are subdued, here's a rich combination of teal, green, and purplish red.

victorian palette in layout
Deep purple, green, and browns show the typical Victorian era use of many colors - 7 here.

colour combinations - a victorian palette
C30M10Y5K20 | C10M10Y50 | M30Y70 | C10M35Y15K25 | M85Y85K10 | C40K100
Dark reddish orange and black with lighter shades of gray, mellow yellows, and dusty lavender.

victorian palette in layout
Another 7 colors in shades of yellow, brown, and green.

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