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Earth Color Combinations
Color Palettes with CMYK Formulas

Earth tones are an ever-popular color palette. These palettes include more than just brown. Mother nature's palette includes peach, orange, grass green, golden yellow, and even eggplant purple.

colour combinations - earthy orange, brown, and green
C25M80Y90Y25 | C65M3Y65K15 | C5M85Y90 | C5M55Y85 | M20Y40 | C40K100
Here's a wonderfully earthy palette of brown, green, and orange.

colour combinations - earthy brown and green
C40M75Y80 | M10Y35 | C40Y70K10 | C100Y50
Earthy doesn't mean lifeless. These shades of brown and tan are enlivened with a bright teal accent.

colour combinations - earthy brown and a touch of orange
C40M65Y70K50 | C30M90Y100 | C20M13Y13 | C40M40Y70K3 | C40K100
Shades of brown and a touch of gray with a dark earthy orangy red.

colour combinations - earthy purples, pinks, and blue
C35M50Y25K25 | M35Y35K3 | C30M35K25 | C80M30Y5K15
These dusky shades of purple, pink, and blue have an earthy tone without a single shade of brown.

earth palette in layout
Eight - count 'em - eight brights and browns make up this nature-inspired palette.

Color Meanings and Mixing Colors
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Use Swatch Books
Use PANTONE Color Guides to get just the right shades for your color palettes and to find CMYK-PMS color equivalents.

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