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Art Deco Color Combinations
Color Palettes with CMYK Formulas

These Art Deco era color palettes feature primarily cool colors. The overall tone of most of these color palettes is cooler, more metallic than the warm palettes of previous decades.

colour combinations - art deco palette of orange, blue, and grays
C7M5Y10 | C7M90Y100 | C100M85Y10K6 | C40M25Y25K7 | C40K100
Metallic shades of gray from silvery to charcoal team with bold blue and orange.

colour combinations - pale pink with light brown
C7M5Y15 | M40Y25 | C30M55Y60K15 | C50K100
Nice neutrals with a splash of pink.

colour combinations - light brown with earthy orange
M30Y80 | M50Y100 | C15M40Y60K20 | C50K100 | White
An earthy combo with some cool orange shades.

colour combinations - Pinks and yellow palette
C13Y12 | M15Y100K11 | M50Y10K25 | C15M100Y30 | C40K100 | White
A cooler shade of red with yellow and pale, pale green.

colour combinations - neutral brown, tan, and gray
M50Y85K25 | C25M15Y20K9 | M10Y20K17 | C40K100
Another neutral color palette with metallic gray, brown, and a dose of black.

colour combinations - browns, blues, greens, with a pale gray
M40Y100 | C100M65Y10K6 | C80Y40K20 | C10M30Y60K10 | C5M5Y10K5
Cool shades of blue and teal team with yellow, brown, and light gray.

art deco palette in layout
Tints of peach and green.

Color Meanings and Mixing Colors
Discover the cultural meanings for these colors and more ways to mix and match colors.

More Color Palettes
Explore more color palettes to evoke a certain mood or make a color statement.

Use Swatch Books
Use PANTONE Color Guides to get just the right shades for your color palettes and to find CMYK-PMS color equivalents.

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