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Color Palettes

Pick a pleasing palette from these color combinations. Explore color palettes centered on specific colors, historic color palettes, and color combinations that set a specific mood or convey specific feelings.

A Century of Color Trends and Color Combinations
Try the color palettes presented here to jazz up your designs or to create specific moods. You'll also find a list of books on color combinations.

The Colors of St. Patrick's Day
Sure, any green will do. But what shades of green are most closely associated with Ireland, the Irish, and specifically St. Patrick's Day? And not just green. How about orange and gold? Find out.

The Colors of Easter
With or without the Easter bunny, what do the colors of Easter mean and what colors are pastel or related to the religious meaning of Easter?

Dark Blue Color Palettes
Consider these palettes and variations when working with dark blue. Here are a sampling of 2, 3, 4, and 5 color palettes with different dark blues as the most predominant color.

Black and White Color Palettes
Black and white can be more than just background or accent colors.

Blue Color Palettes
Create cool color combos featuring shades of blue.

Brown Color Palettes
From chocolate to tan, these color palettes feature shades of brown.

Color Palettes - Modern and Historic
Try the color palettes presented here to jazz up your designs or to create specific moods. Color combinations are based on actual historic and modern formulas used in posters, packaging, ads, and other design work over the past century.

Color Palettes - Patriotic
Set a patriotic tone by choosing colors of the flag. These color palettes represent flags from many nations.

Gray and Silver Color Palettes
Neutral grays and cool silver team with other colors in these palettes.

Gree Color Palettes
These color palettes feature shades of green from hunter to spring.

Orange Color Palettes
Citrus colors of all shades abound in these orange color combinations.

Purple Color Palettes
Theee color combinations feature royal purples and light lavendars.

Red and Pink Color Palettes
These color palettes feature shades of red, including pink.

Yellow Color Palettes
Spread a little sunshine with these lemony and mellow yellow palettes with other colors.

Turquoise Colors
A mix of blue and green, turquoise has a sweet feminine feel while the darker teal shades add lively sophistication. Explore the symbolism of the color turquoise and find the right shade of turquoise for your next desktop publishing or Web design project include light and dark shades of turquoise, aquamarine, cyan, and teal.

Light Blue Colors
Blue is a favorite color of both men and women. But which shade of blue? From the palest blues that are almost white to the light blue sky colors, explore the lighter side of the color blue and see how the symbolism behind blue changes depending on the specific blue you choose.

Red Colors

What is the meaning of red? While red generally signifies everything from love to anger, from power to danger, there are subtle differences in some of the varying shades of red. Do these red colors say what you intend? Explore the color symbolism of various shades of red.

Medium Blue - The Many Hues of the Midtones of the Color Blue

The color blue is a favorite of both men and women but blue covers a lot of cool colors. These middle of the road shades of blue aren't dark like navy or pale like powder blue. These are the medium azure, sky blue, and royal shades of blue.

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