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Color Management Systems (CMS)

Compiled by Jacci Howard Bear

These are the tools you need for calibration and profiling of your scanner, monitor, printer, digital camera, or other display, source, or destination devices. Learn how to get the most accurate color from your system. For more on color calibration, see Calibrate Your Monitor | Printer | Scanner | Digital Camera

Adobe Color Management Module | Windows
A free download for Windows. "The Adobe® Color Management Module (CMM) provides methods to transform colors using industry-standard International Color Consortium (ICC) color profiles. It is intended for users who wish to achieve consistent color workflows using a common CMM."

Adobe Color Management Module | Mac
A free download for Mac users.

Datacolor Spyder eBook
It's a free download of an ebook all about color management.

Datacolor Spyder Display Calibration Tools
Get hardware and software solutions for accurate color display on your monitor.

Little CMS
Get an open source color management system that uses the ICC standard.

Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet
Still using Windows XP. Control your colors under Windows using this applet.

SoftColor Toolbox
Offers simple tools for color management, color correction, and image processing. It uses Little CMS for its color management.

Color Management | X-Rite
A collection of tools for color selection and management. Software and hardware tools are organized by use such as Design, Prepress and Printing, and Professional Photography.

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