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The Typography Manual on the iPhone / iPod Touch

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The Typography Manual iPhone App

The Typography Manual iPhone App Table of Contents

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Learn typography on-the-go with The Typography Manual on your iPhone. In the waiting room at the dentist's office, waiting on a table at your favorite restaurant, or while meeting with a client you can learn about or teach others about the wonderful world of typography. Just whip out your iPhone or iPod Touch and tap The Typography Manual for quick lessons in typesetting, tips on using type, and a visual glossary of type terms.

Type at Your Fingertips

The Typography Manual contains a wealth of information on typography and fonts that's a lot easier to tote around than a bunch of printed books. It's an educational tool, a refresher course, and a quick reference tool. It's actually several apps in one.

Table of Contents

The Typography Manual iPhone App

The Typography Manual iPhone App Visual Glossary for eye

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In The Typography Manual you'll find:
  • A Brief History of Type - an overview of typography from before Gutenberg to OpenType
  • Basics of Type - brief definitions and examples covering typefaces, type families, using type, and more
  • Typesetting - from alignment to special characters, offers up usage tips in 16 areas
  • Type on the Web - includes snippets of code and quick lessons on using type in Web pages
  • Style Guide - offers rules and examples for the use of apostrophes, commas, ellipsis points, numbers, and other typographic characters and punctuation
  • Visual Type Anatomy Glossary - simple, easy to see illustrations along with quick definitions of everything type-related
  • Typeface Specimens - from Baskerville to Zapf, a little history and a specimen chart for 9 classic fonts


In addition to the manual, there's a wealth of reference charts, lists, and tools:
  • Conversion Table
  • Em Calculator
  • Font Size Ruler
  • HTML Characters
  • Inspiration & Blogs
  • Mac Keyboard Characters
  • Paper Sizes
  • Periodicals & Organizations
  • Standard Ruler
  • Type Foundries
  • Web Banner Sizes
  • Web Resources

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The Typography Manual iPhone App

The Typography Manual Resources Paper Sizes

© J. Bear
The Typography Manual is currently available for $3.99 at the App Store. While the same information can be found in several books as well as for free on the Web, as an iPhone app it's a handy reference that fits in your pocket and goes with you anywhere you take your iPhone or iPod Touch.
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