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Cloud Computing for Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design

About.com Web Trends Guide gives "the use of the Internet for the tasks you perform on your computer" as a basic definition of cloud computing. Also sometimes called Web-based computing or even mobile computing, the "cloud" is the Internet. The computing may be online services for photo storage or file backup, Web-based apps for word processing, or an Adobe AIR app that puts a little bit of the Web right on our desktops.

Graphic designers and others doing desktop publishing often engage in varying degrees of cloud computing.

Adobe Creative Cloud
After CS6, all the usual Adobe desktop publishing apps will be subscription-based, cloud-only. Find out what's in the Creative Cloud and whether or not it's the right option for you.

iApp: ColorSight for iPhone
ColorSight by Ryan Lons is an iPhone app for creating color palettes from photos.

iApp: Flipboard for iPad
"It takes Twitter feeds (your own and others from featured sources or those you specify) and creates little mini-magazine layouts that you can flip through, with pictures and more."

iApp: Font Combinations for iPhone
Simple iPhone app shows Lorem ipsum text set in many different popular fonts. Mix and match headline and body text with a finger swipe.

iApp: Guides by CodeGoo iPhone App
Simple camera app superimposes various guidelines such as for rule of thirds over your image to help you compose a better photo as you take a picture with your iPhone.

iApp: Identify Fonts Using WhatTheFont for iPhone
Have on-the-go font identification even when you aren't near a computer.

iApp: ilovedesign iPhone App
Discover what you can do with the ilovedesign iPhone App which features inspiring projects from a global community of designers.

iApp: iPhone Twitter App Tweetie Review
"Tweetie for the iPhone, currently available from atebits for $2.99, is an extremely user-friendly and feature-rich Twitter app for managing your Twitter accounts," writes About.com Graphic Design Guide Eric Miller.

iApp: Layer Freak iPhone App for Layer Tennis
This social networking/news/entertainment app is a free iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch compatible app for keeping up with Layer Tennis and doing a quick review of past matches.

iApp: Photoshop.com Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch
About.com Graphics Software describes this app that "allows you to edit and share photos directly from your iPod touch or iPhone."

iApp: The Typography Manual on the iPhone / iPod Touch
Learn typography on-the-go with The Typography Manual on your iPhone.

iPhone or iPad Apps Used by Designers
Share your opinion on any productivity, creativity, or reference tool iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad apps for designers.See submissions

Tons of 37signals Apps
About.com Graphic Design discussion of apps for working offline, on-the-go, through a browser.

How to Write Web Pages for the iPhone and Other Wireless Devices
Tips to Design Web Pages that Work on Small Screen Mobile Devices from About.com Web Design / HTML.

Web Application
In contrast to programs that you install on your own computer and use to do word processing, graphics, and desktop publishing, a web application is one that you operate through a web browser over the Internet.

Free Online Software for the Office
Google, Zoho, ThinkFree, and others compete for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations -- online. From About.com Web Trends.

Web to Desktop: What is Google Gears?
Competition to Adobe AIR, find out what how Gears puts the Web on your desktop.

Web-based: Basecamp Review
This online software for project management and collaboration gets 4.5 stars at About.com Graphic Design.

Web-based: Color Scheme Generator Review
From About.com Graphic Design: "The Color Scheme Generator is a great online tool that helps you create color sets for graphic design projects."

Web-based: Create Color Palettes With Kuler By Adobe
From About.com Graphic Design, "Kuler by Adobe is a great tool for creating color palettes and viewing color palettes created by others. Accessed through a browser, Kuler allows you to easily edit color palettes and save them for use in Adobe applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator."

Web-based: Google Calendar Review
About.com Google Guide Marziah Karch says, "Google Calendar is a free Internet calendar that lets you keep track of your own events and share your calendars with others."

Web-based: Google Docs and Twitter for Desktop Publishing
Blog discussion of some apps I tried, didn't like, then tried again with better results.

Web-based: Google Docs Review
"Anyone who is in the market for word processing software should take a look at Google Docs," says About.com Word Processing Guide James Marshall.

Web-based: Highrise Review
This is an online system for managing contacts and communication with clients. It gets 5 stars from About.com Graphic Design.

Web-based: Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps
The Office Web Apps will offer free browser-based, stripped-down editions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote and will also be released at the same time as the desktop suite.

What is the Best Adobe AIR App for Designers?
Suggestions from readers.

What is the Best iPhone App for Designers?
Suggestions from readers.

What is the Best Web App / Online Service for Desktop Publishing?
Some suggestions from readers.

Cloud Computing and Graphic Designers
Rob Cubbon talks about what cloud computing is and how it affects graphic designers.

Online Business Solutions for Graphic Designers
From Suite 101, this article discusses some of the pros and cons of cloud computing specifically for graphic designers.

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