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Placing Images with Embedded Paths


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Turn On The Clipping Path in Adobe PageMaker
These notes apply to Windows. There may be some differences on the Mac platform.

PageMaker offers fewer options for accessing clipping path information.

Import EPS from Adobe Photoshop

No action required

Import EPS from Corel Photo-Paint

If saved with color TIFF header the clipping path area may appear as non-transparent on-screen but will print properly to a PostScript printer. Although the preview is not as good, saving with a B&W header before placing in PageMaker will retain the on-screen transparency.

Import TIFF from Adobe Photoshop

No action required

Import TIFF from Corel Photo-Paint

PageMaker is unable to access the transparency information in TIFF files created from Photo-Paint. Clipping Path data is lost. Use EPS.

These instructions are for pre-2004 versions of the software. The dialog boxes may have changed or the handling of embedded path information may have improved in later versions but the basics are generally the same or quite similar.

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