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Creating and Using an Alpha Channel as a Clipping Path


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Save Selection as a New Channel
Saving selection as an alpha channel

Left: Save mask to new channel button in Photo-Paint; Top Right: Save selection as channel button in Photoshop; Bottom Right: multiple alpha channels for masking different portions of the same image

  • Save your completed selection as a new channel.

    • To quickly save a selected area as a channel in Photoshop, click on the Save selection as channel button at the bottom of the Channels Palette.

    • In Photo-Paint, click the Save mask to new channel button in the Channels roll-up. You can save several different channels with different selections in order to try out a variety of clipping paths or achieve special effects.

  • Save your image as a TIFF or other appropriate format.

Your next step is to open your image in a page layout application and access the alpha channel information for use as a clipping path.

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