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Creating and Using an Alpha Channel as a Clipping Path


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Isolate Your Background
Create an alpha channel using the magic wand, magnetic lasso, and other selection tools.

Create an alpha channel using the magic wand, magnetic lasso (circled above), and other selection tools just as with creating a clipping path.

Alpha channels serve many purposes when editing images. For the purposes of this tutorial, we're going to create alpha channels that will contain transparency information for use as clipping paths in a page layout application.

This tutorial is not meant to be an indepth look at working with channels. I'll show you a few of the basics.

For these exercises we'll use some building blocks. These images are from the Hemera Photo-Objects Volume II Collection.

Up to this point, creating an alpha channel for use as a clipping path is exactly the same as creating an embedded path. But what you do after this point is what makes it an Alpha Channel.

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