1. Technology
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Free Clip Art of Business and Symbols

Locate free print-suitable clip art pictures related to business and specific professions such as the law. Symbols and icons including disability and recycling symbols. Pictures of office scenes or business office equipment.

Clip art of factories by Dixie Allan, for About.com.

City Clip Art
Here you'll find city skylines, the Statue of Liberty, and clip art of city houses.

Computer With Faces
These computers may be used for business but they've got a humorous streak in them.

For Sale Signs
Announce a sale with these cute clip art images by Dixie Allan.

Real Estate Clip Art
A variety of homes with for sale signs and other real estate motifs. By Dixie Allan.

Signs & Symbols
Recycling, no smoking, train crossing, Olympic rings, and lots of other signs and symbols clip art.

Time, Clocks, Timezones
An hourglass, a sundial, a map with time zones, wall clock, and other timepieces.

Bit Better Corporation -Management, Sales, Sports [WMF, GIF]
These Screen Bean Freebies are a sample of their commercial pictures. Free except for resale.

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