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How Many Kinds of Helvetica Fonts Are There?


Question: How Many Kinds of Helvetica Fonts Are There?
I don't know exact numbers but there are many versions, styles, and weights that bear the Helvetica name. Don't expect every version of Helvetica font to look exactly the same.

Will a look-alike do? Check out the Helvetica Font Alternatives.

Answer: When Linotype acquired the Helvetica font family it was in disarray — two different names for the same version, variations in design features. To make order out of it all they redrew the entire Helvetica font family and dubbed it Neue Helvetica (New Helvetica). They also added a numbering system to help identify all the many styles and weights.

The numbers help to distinguish the many variations within the Neue Helvetica. There may be (and probably are) subtle and not-so-subtle differences between Helvetica Condensed Light Oblique and Helvetica Neue 47 Light Condensed Oblique. When trying to match fonts, depending on the use you may be happier using one over the other.

This list may not be complete, but it's a start in listing all the various flavors of Helvetica.

Some fonts are listed more than once with a slight variation (i.e. Black Condensed and Condensed Black) because different vendors may list one name instead of the other.

Light Oblique
Black Condensed
Black Condensed Oblique
Black Italic
Black Oblique
Black Roman
Bold Condensed
Bold Condensed Oblique
Bold Italic
Bold Oblique
Bold Roman
Book Italic
Book Roman
Central European Bold
Central European Narrow Bold
Central European Narrow Roman
Central European Roman
(Central European = CE)
Compressed Roman
Condensed Black
Condensed Black Italic
Condensed Black Oblique
Condensed Black Roman
Condensed Bold
Condensed Bold Italic
Condensed Bold Oblique
Condensed Bold Roman
Condensed Book Italic
Condensed Book Roman
Condensed Light Italic
Condensed Light Oblique
Condensed Light Roman
Condensed Medium
Condensed Oblique
Condensed Roman
Cyrillic Bold
Cyrillic Bold Inclined
Cyrillic Inclined
Cyrillic Inserat Upright
Cyrillic Upright
Extra Compressed
Extra Compressed Roman
Fraction Bold
Fraction Book
Fractions Medium
Fractions Bold
Greek Bold Inclined
Greek Inclined
Greek Upright
Greek Monotonic Bold
Greek Monotonic Bold Inclined
Greek Monotonic Inclined
Greek Monotonic Upright
Greek Polytonic Bold
Greek Polytonic Bold Inclined
Greek Polytonic Inclined
Greek Polytonic Upright
(Greek Polytonic = GreekP)
Inserat Cyrillic Upright
Inserat Roman
Light Condensed
Light Condensed Oblique
Light Italic
Light Oblique
Light Roman
Narrow Bold
Narrow Bold Italic
Narrow Bold Oblique
Narrow Bold Roman
Narrow Book Italic
Narrow Book Roman
Narrow Oblique
Narrow Roman
Narrow Roman Oblique
Roman Oblique
Rounded Black
Rounded Black Oblique
Rounded Bold
Rounded Bold Oblique
Rounded Bold Condensed
Rounded Bold Condensed Oblique
Textbook Bold
Textbook Bold Oblique
Textbook Roman
Textbook Roman Oblique
Ultra Compressed
Ultra Compressed Roman

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Helvetica Neue (or Neue Helvetica)
Some vendors may carry the Neue fonts but without the number designation or without the Neue. Additionally, some vendors reverse the names slightly. 37 Thin Condensed and 37 Condensed Thin are the same font. Often Oblique and Italic are used interchangeably as well. Only one version name is included here.

There are both the 'old' Neue versions and the version that includes the Euro symbol. Ask your vendor if you're getting the with Euro version.

23 Ultra Light Extended
23 Ultra Light Extended Oblique
25 Ultra Light
26 Ultra Light Italic
27 Ultra Light Condensed
27 Ultra Light Condensed Oblique
33 Thin Extended
33 Thin Extended Oblique
35 Thin
36 Thin Italic
37 Thin Condensed
37 Thin Condensed Oblique
43 Light Extended
43 Light Extended Oblique
43 Extended Light
43 Extended Light Oblique
45 Light
46 Light Italic
47 Light Condensed
47 Light Condensed Oblique
53 Extended
53 Extended Oblique
55 Roman
56 Italic
57 Condensed
57 Condensed Oblique
63 Medium Extended
63 Medium Extended Oblique
65 Medium
66 Medium Italic
67 Medium Condensed
67 Medium Condensed Oblique
73 Bold Extended
73 Bold Extended Oblique
75 Bold
75 Bold Outline
76 Bold Italic
77 Bold Condensed
77 Bold Condensed Oblique
83 Heavy Extended
83 Heavy Extended Oblique
85 Heavy
86 Heavy Italic
87 Heavy Condensed
87 Heavy Condensed Oblique
93 Black Extended
93 Black Extended Oblique
95 Black
96 Black Italic
97 Black Condensed
97 Black Condensed Oblique
107 Extra Black Condensed
107 Extra Black Condensed Oblique

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Helvetica CE (Central European)
CE 25 Ultra Light
CE 26 Ultra Light Italic
CE 35 Thin
CE 36 Thin Italic
CE 45 Light
CE 46 Light Italic
CE 55 Roman
CE 56 Italic
CE 65 Medium
CE 66 Medium Italic
CE 75 Bold
CE 76 Bold Italic
CE 85 Heavy
CE 86 Heavy Italic
CE 95 Black
CE 96 Black Italic

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Helvetica EastA
EastA 35 Thin
EastA 35 Thin Oblique
EastA 55 Roman
EastA 55 Roman Oblique
EastA 75 Bold
EastA 75 Bold Oblique

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