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Sapphire blues.

Sapphire blues. © Jacci Howard Bear; licensed to About.com (Logan Sapphire image from flickr.com, CC license, cliff1066)

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Question: What Color is Sapphire?
Sharing its name with the gemstone (which is also the September birthstone), sapphire is a shade of blue. Sapphires come in other colors but the color name sapphire refers to blue.
Answer: In reality blue sapphire gemstones come in many shades of blue from light to dark. Today the color sapphire generally refers to a medium cornflower blue shade of blue up to darker, deeper, but still bright hues.

Specifying Sapphire Blue

  • Sapphire (Web color cornflowerblue) | Hex #082567 | RGB 8,37,103
  • Light Sapphire blue | Hext #6495ED | RGB 100,149,237
  • Sapphire blue is a cool color.
  • Sapphire carries the blue symbolism of importance and confidence. Although it's not a light or pastel blue, it still has something of a fresh, spring-like quality with a touch of childlike playfulness. Deeper sapphire blues also carry a connotation of wealth, elegance, beauty, and royality. Traditionally the sapphire, and by extension the color sapphire, symbolizes truth and sincerity.

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