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Navy shades

Shades of navy blue. © Jacci Howard Bear; licensed to About.com

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Question: What Color is Navy?
If it almost looks like black, it may be navy blue.
Answer: Getting its name from uniforms of the British Royal Navy, navy blue is a deep, dark blue that's almost black. Some shades of navy, such as the Web color navy, are a bit bluer.

Some of shades of navy:

  • Navy (Web color) | Hex #000080 | RGB 0,0,128
  • Dark Navy | Hex #00005A | RGB 0,0,90
  • Medium Navy | Hex #14148A | RGB 20,20,138
  • Dark Blue | Hex #00008B | RGB 0,0,139
  • Navy is a cool color but can also be a neutral.
  • Carrying the blue symbolism associated with the darker shades of blue, navy conveys importance, confidence, power, and authority as well as intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism. Like black, it carries a sense of elegance, sophistication. It's associated with police and military.

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