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Chartreuse shades

Shades of chartreuse. © Jacci Howard Bear; licensed to About.com

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Question: What Color is Chartreuse?
The name chartreuse stems from the colors of two different French liqueurs so we have a chartreuse that's more green and another that's more yellow.
Answer: The Web color of chartreuse is halfway between yellow and green while other shades of chartreuse have been described as apple green, lime green, light grass green, light green with a tinge of yellow, mellow yellow.

Some of the green and yellow shades of chartreuse:

  • Chartreuse (aka chartreuse green; Web color) | Hex #7FFF00 | RGB 127,255,0
  • Chartreuse (aka chartreuse yellow) | Hex #DFFF00 | RGB 223, 255, 0
  • Pear | Hex #D1E231 | RGB 209, 226, 49
  • Green-Yellow | Hex #ADFF2F | RGB 173,255,47
  • Yellow-Green | Hex #9ACD32 | RGB 154,205,50
  • Chartreuse is a mix of warm and cool colors.
  • The greener shades of chartreuse have a fresh, Springtime feel and it can be a bit 60s retro. The more yellow chartreuse is a perky color but its warmth is toned down by the bits of green.

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