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Chartreuse shades

Shades of chartreuse. © Jacci Howard Bear; licensed to About.com

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The name chartreuse stems from the colors of two different French liqueurs so we have a chartreuse that's more green and another that's more yellow.


The Web color of chartreuse is halfway between yellow and green while other shades of chartreuse have been described as apple green, lime green, light grass green, light green with a tinge of yellow, mellow yellow.

Some of the green and yellow shades of chartreuse:

  • Chartreuse (aka chartreuse green; Web color) | Hex #7FFF00 | RGB 127,255,0
  • Chartreuse (aka chartreuse yellow) | Hex #DFFF00 | RGB 223, 255, 0
  • Pear | Hex #D1E231 | RGB 209, 226, 49
  • Green-Yellow | Hex #ADFF2F | RGB 173,255,47
  • Yellow-Green | Hex #9ACD32 | RGB 154,205,50
  • Chartreuse is a mix of warm and cool colors.
  • The greener shades of chartreuse have a fresh, Springtime feel and it can be a bit 60s retro. The more yellow chartreuse is a perky color but its warmth is toned down by the bits of green.


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