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Cerulean shades

From sky blue to cerulean blue, the light turquoise shades of cerulean. © J. Bear

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Question: What Color is Cerulean?
Described as sky blue, cerulean represents many shades of the blue skies, sometimes with a hint of green.
Answer: In 1999 Pantone named Cerulean the color of the new millennium. They describe it as "the color of the sky on a serene, crystal clear day."

Colors identified as cerulean blue range from the medium blue of Cerulean blue pigment to the bright cerulean color of Crayola crayons to the sky blue Pantone color called cerulean. Light and medium shades of turquoise with some green may be considered cerulean.

  • Pantone Cerulean Blue (283 C) | Hex #9BC4E2 | RGB 155,196,226 / CMYK 34/6/0/0
  • Crayola Cerulean | Hex #1DACD6 | RGB 29,172,214
  • Cerulean Blue | Hex #2A52BE | RGB 42,82,190
  • Sky Blue | Hex #87CEEB | RGB 135,206,235
  • Light Sky Blue | Hex #87CEFA | RGB 135,206,250
  • See a range of other shades of cerulean blue with HEX codes.
  • Cerulean is a cool color.
  • Cerulean blue is a soothing, calming color that also evokes feelings of peace and confidence. Some of the mixed attributes of light shades of turquoise can be attributed to cerulean including femininity and an association with the American Southwest. Use cerulean blue when you want to symbolize a clear, blue sky.

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