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Beryl shades

B: Aqua E: Teal R: Sea Green Y: Aquamarine L: Turquoise (and that spells a wide range of the color beryl); © Jacci Howard Bear; licensed to About.com

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Question: What Color is Beryl?
The mineral beryl comes in many shades from clear to blue to green (emerald) to gold or yellow to red (rare). The color name beryl is a blue or blue-green color.
Answer: Beryl, as a color name, usually refers to an aquamarine or turquoise shade of blue and green.

Some shades of blue and green that might be considered beryl include:

  • Aqua (Cyan) | Hex #00FFFF | RGB 0,255,255
  • Aquamarine (Web color) | Hex #7FFFD4 | RGB 127,255,212
  • Sea Foam or Green (Web color seafoam) | Hex #2E8B57 | RGB 46,139,87
  • Teal (Web color) | Hex #008080 | RGB 0,128,128
  • Turquoise (Web color) | Hex #40E0D0 | RGB 64,224,208
  • Beryl is a cool color.
  • Combining the cool, calming qualities of blue and green, beryl can symbolize nature, water, freshness, peacefulness, and a touch of mystery or storminess (especially the darker sea green shades of beryl.

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