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Desktop Publishing Certification Training

Desktop publishing certification training says to the world that you are a highly skilled designer or user of specific types of software, or so the story goes. Maybe a graphic design certificate or being an Adobe certified expert can enhance your ability to land a job, get higher pay, or maybe the certification training involved will simply help you do work faster and more efficiently by increasing your design and software proficiency. Decide for yourself then learn what it takes to get that desktop publishing certification training.

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Graphics Certification Training

Adobe: Become an Adobe Certified Expert
The ACE is for graphic designers, web publishers, desktop publishers, and others who want to demonstrate proficiency with Adobe products such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Framemaker. Learn about the requirements, cost, and certification training to become an ACE.

Adobe: Review of Adobe Illustrator CS ACE Exam Aid
Guide Sue Chastain calls this downloadable certification training aid "a useful tool to help you identify the topic areas to study before taking Adobe's Certified Expert Exam."

Adobe: What is an ACTP?
ACTPs are trained to teach Adobe software. If you are looking to become an expert you may want to insure you get your training from an Adobe Certified Training Provider.

Adobe: Who Wants to Be an ACE?
Photoshop CS Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Shangara Singh explains how hard it is to become an ACE and how to prepare to take the ACE exams.

Adobe Certified
At the Adobe site get details on becoming an ACE, preparing for the ACE exams, and registering to take the exams for your certification training.

Adobe: ACE Exams Prep Guides
Purchase preparation guides for certification training and recertification exams on Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and other Adobe desktop publishing softare programs.

Common Myths About Graphic Designer Certification
You may have heard or read various debates about design certification - why or why not it is needed and what it means. Chris Gee and Caroline Bruckner have sorted through the numerous discussions to bring us an easy to understand synopsis of the issues and misunderstandings.

Discussion: Desktop Publishing Degree?
"Is certification, as opposed to a Bachelor's or Associate's degree... sufficient to actively make a living in this field?"

Discussion: How Important is Certification?
Does it help? Do you really need it? Is a degree better?

Guide to College Majors in Technology: Graphics & Multimedia
Learn what skills are emphasized in the graphics and multimedia fields and the types of degree and certificate training programs available in this WorldWideLearn directory.

Macromedia Certification Training
Take their self-paced or instructior-led courses then test your knowledge and skills with the Macromedia Certified Professional Program for Flash and Dreamweaver.

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