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St. Patrick's Day Greeting Card Templates


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St. Patrick's Day Greeting Card Templates
St. Patrick's Day Templates

Print a St. Patrick's Day greeting card template, personalize a printable card, use vintage St. Patrick's Day postcards for inspiration.

© Jacci Howard Bear

The free templates on the following pages feature a St. Patrick's Day theme with various illustrations of shamrocks, four-leaf clover, leprechauns, and other St. Patrick's Day icons. The templates and graphics used were created by Jacci Howard Bear, unless otherwise noted. These files are free for personal use for your St. Patrick's Day celebrations. The last page is a big list of free templates (mostly greeting cards but other templates as well) from other About.com Guides and from around the Web. See the terms of usage for each site.


  1. Index of All the Printable St. Patrick's Day Card Templates (this page)
  2. Side-fold version of I Found My Lucky Charm greeting card template
  3. Top-fold version of I Found My Lucky Charm greeting card template
  4. Quarter-fold version of rainbow & pot o' gold greeting card template
  5. Side-fold Lucky Charm homemade greeting card tutorial and template
  6. Top-fold Good Fortune (Leprechaun Coins) greeting card template
  7. Top-fold Celebrate Green Things greeting card template
  8. More St. Patrick's Day Card Templates and Other Printables

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