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Add Some Sparkle to a Greeting Card

Dress Up a Computer Printed Card With Colorful Glitter Glue


A photo of a shiny, sparkly object makes a nice greeting card but you can add some dimensional sparkle with a few dabs of glitter glue. Create a crafty photo card using these instructions and your own choice of photograph and sparkly items such as glitter or sequins.

1. Create a Greeting Card in Your Software Program

Create a photo greeting card in the software program of your choice.
© J. Howard Bear
Create a greeting card using your favorite software.

This card is created in Serif DrawPlus 4.0 -- a free download from FreeSerifSoftware.

Choose a horizontal, top fold card layout. Place a photograph on the card so it fills the entire front of the card. The drum Christmas ornament photo is from Hemera's The Big Box of Art 410,000. Print out your card on photo paper or photo greeting card paper. Trim if necessary.

2. Color Elements of Printed Card with Glitter Glue

Use glitter glue to color parts of the photo.
© J. Howard Bear
Pick out sparkly elements of the printed photo. Add matching colors of glitter glue. For the drum ornament photo card, add blue, red, and silver glitter glue to the trim on the drum ornament.

If you don't have glue in a matching color, try a contrasting color or use clear glue with white or silver glitter. If you don't want the 3D or raised effect, use less glue and carefully spread it out on the photo. Add another layer if there isn't enough sparkle.

3. Try Other Sparkly Trims

Add some sparkle to a photo card.
© J. Howard Bear
In place of glitter glue, try gluing on sequins, sparkly ribbon or trim with metallic threads, or tiny shiny beads. Just a few sparkly bits are all you need to add a lot of dazzle to a photo greeting card.
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