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St. Patrick's Day Greeting Card


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Craft a Special Holiday Greeting for Your Lucky Charm
St. Patrick's Day Greetings

Tell someone special how lucky you are to know them.

© J. Bear
This Lucky Charm St. Patrick's Day Card is intended as a personalized holiday card that combines your computer and software with traditional craft techniques.

The PDF template contains the text for the outside and inside of the card and placeholder images for diecuts. Additionally, you may need to print your own clip art images for use in the card if you don't have your own wood, chipboard, foam, or paper embellishments.

Outside text reads:

On this St. Patrick's Day
I don't need a pot o' gold
I don't need the luck o' the Irish
I don't need to be wearin' the green

Inside text reads:

You are my lucky charm

Happy St. Patrick's Day
The inside of the card features a photo of the recipient -- the sender's "lucky charm."
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