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Baby Announcement Candy Bar Wrappers

Free Birth or Adoption Candy Wrapper Templates Designed by Jacci Howard Bear

I'm remaking the old Publisher 98 candy bar wrappers as well as adding all new birth announcement templates. Here's the current line up:

Birth Announcement Wrapper TemplatesBirth Announcements - Notes on a Cork Board
Collection has candy bar wrappers (1.55 oz or 2.6 oz (King Size) bars) and matching quarter-fold & half-letter size cards for boy, girl, and twins. All in PNG format. The versions are actually: Boy | Girl | Girl-Girl | Boy-Boy | Boy-Girl | Girl-Boy

Birth Announcement Wrapper TemplatesBirth Announcements - Marble and Brown Paper
This collection, in Microsoft Publisher format, has 3 templates in each file. There's a wrapper for roll candy and one for a bar. The third template is for a quarter-fold card. There's a girl and a boy set.

Birth Announcement Wrapper Template BoyModern Boy in Blue
In Publisher and PNG formats, these It's a Boy wrappers fit 1.55 oz or 2.6 oz bars. The placeholder text is left off the PNG images. Print them and handwrite names and details or open the PNG graphic in your favorite software and edit it there.

Birth Announcement Wrapper Template GirlModern Girl in Pink
In Publisher and PNG formats, these It's a Girl wrappers fit 1.55 oz or 2.6 oz King Size bars. The PNG versions don't have the placeholder text.

Firecracker roll candy templatesIs your US baby due to be born on the 4th of July? Turn these updated Stars & Stripes roll candy wrappers into birth announcements for your new little firecracker. Just edit/add text with child's name. PUB and PNG formats.

Candy Bar Wrappers - Templates, Tutorials, Supplies

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