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Craft a feast for the eyes to wrap around a candy bar. Download candy bar-sized templates, instructions, and supplies for making your own personalized candy bar wrappers with your computer. Use candy wrappers as unique gifts or for fund-raisers. Print custom candy bar wrappers and roll candy wraps as baby announcements, party favors, gifts, and keepsakes.
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Candy Wrapper Templates by Jacci
These are templates I created for About.com Desktop Publishing in Microsoft Publisher, Serif PagePlus, and PNG formats for birthdays, graduations, and other special occasions. I'm continually updating this page as I add more and more new candy bar wrappers. I'm also updating the original Pub 98 templates (not all done yet). | Birth Announcement Candy Wrappers

Scroll down below the ads for off-site links to even more candy wrapper templates by others, wrapper software, and some tutorials.

How to Make Customized Candy Wrappers in Microsoft Publisher
Creating customized wrappers in Microsoft Publisher is an easy way to make your treats unique to a specific event. See these steps for customizing wrappers in Microsoft Publisher. About.com video by Don Schechter.

How to Wrap Standard Candy Bars
Detailed instructions on how to wrap a 1.55 oz Hershey's bar with a Wrapcandy software template too.

Raspberry Swirls Free Candy Wrapper Designs
Bunnies, flowers, tye dye and more are among the free designs for birthdays and other occasions. The free templates are for personal use only and carry a copyright notice.

Sweet Sentiments: Nuggets Candy Wrapper Project
Get the template and instructions for doing tiny little wrappers for Hershey's Nuggest or Treasures using Microsoft Word.

Free Candy Wrappers from Linda's Kitchen
Simple designs you print from your browser.

Alenka's Printables
You'll find PDFs of all kinds of miniature wrappers and some for larger bars as well.

Belle's Printables
You'll have to poke around the pages to find the candy wrappers among all the other nifty templates and other projects. I spotted: Baby Showers Snack Hershey Wrappers and Pretty In Purple Hershey Wrapper on this page and Afternoon Movie Milk Duds Carton (template for a box to cover the box) and Watercolor Roses Snack Size Hershey Wrapper on this page.

Microsoft Office Templates
It's likely that more are in this collection but here is a pretty purple Birthday wrapper for Word, a blue Graduation candy wrapper, a Just Married!, and another purple birthday template for Publisher.

Get this software - on CD or download - with templates for creating your own candy wrapper designs.

Candy Kit Wrapper Creation Software
Get software, tutorials, and templates for your own candy bar wrapper making.

Wrapcandy Software
It's software for making candy wrappers as well as wrappers for other things such as suckers and paint cans. They have templates for different wrapper styles, you can add your own graphics and it comes with hundreds of royalty free images too. If you make lots and lots of candy wrappers, this may be worth considering.

Personalized Candy Wrappers Business
Order this MyMommyBiz guide to making and selling custom wrapped candy.

Candy Wrapping Business
InternetBasedMoms outlines what you need to do and know when starting a candy wrapper business including supplies, skills, pricing, and marketing.

1.55 oz Candy Bar Wrappers in Serif PagePlus Format
These Serif PagePlus templates for candy wrappers are sized for a 1.55 oz Hershey's bar. There are Congratuations and Happy Birthday designs. Created with the free Serif PagePlus Starter Edition.

1.55 oz Candy Bar Wrappers in Microsoft Publisher Format
Three of these Microsoft Publisher 2010 templates for candy wrappers are sized for a 1.55 oz Hershey's bar. Includes a PNG version. Currently available: Congratulations and 2 Happy Birthday styles. Download links also provided for the free fonts used in each template. Additionally, a Graduation and Anniversary template (updates of older...

Birth Announcements With Notes on a Cork Board
Announce the birth of a boy, a girl, or twins with these candy wrappers. There are also matching quarter-fold and half-letter size card images for most of the wrappers. All in PNG format for use in any desktop publishing software.

Birth Announcements With Marble and Brown Paper
You'll find two styles of candy wrappers plus a matching quarter fold card in each of the two (Boy, Girl) Microsoft Publisher files.

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