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Free Calendar Templates and Printables

From Jacci Howard Bear | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

Create a calendar design using a free calendar template. Find daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly calendar templates to download, print, and customize. There are five categories of free printable calendar templates. Some you print from your browsers. Some you create and customize online. Others are free downloads that you can use as-is or customize in your favorite desktop publishing or graphics software.

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  1. Calendars by Jacci

Free Printable Calendars by Jacci
Some of these printable calendars are a bit wacky. Some are functional and some are just fun. Download and print the PDF file of each calendar. Created by Jacci Howard Bear.

Free Plain Calendar Templates
These free calendar templates feature plain, basic designs without clip art, photos, or color. This list features sites with 2009 calendar templates and/or blank/perpetual calendars. Incorporate them into your newsletters, scrapbooks, and other projects.

Free Calendar Templates With Artwork or Color
These free calendar templates feature designs with clip art, photos, color, or shading, often greatly customizable. This list features sites with 2009 calendar templates and printables.

Free Business Calendar Templates
Organize your work day or improve your business with these free calendar templates designed with business owners and employees in mind. Download or print these calendars to keep yourself on schedule for important meetings, business goals, and planning.

School Year Calendars
Organize your school year with these special purpose calendars for school. Print or download a template.This list features sites with 2008-2009 and other school year calendar templates in various 12, 14, and 15 month formats.

Printable Calendars for Family or Hobby Use
These free calendar templates are designed with families in mind or for special use in arts and crafts and other hobbies. Download a PDF or print calendars from your browser. Some are plain and others include artwork or color.

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