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Blank Business Card Templates

No Artwork, Just Basic Business Card Templates to Get the Size and Margins Right


If you simply need a template to help with sizing and margins, download these free blank templates to get you started. Offered by 5 different sites. Templates include guidelines and instructions for use.

All The Free Templates For Business Use

  1. Blank Business Cards (this page)
  2. Printable Business Cards (with Artwork)
  3. Online Business Card Design
  4. Business Calendars
  5. Blank Standard Size Envelopes
  6. Newsletters
  7. PowerPoint For Business
  8. Word Templates For Business
  9. Ad Design Templates

The Paper Mill Store Blank Templates

The Paper Mill Store Business Card Template
The Paper Mill Store Business Card Template
The Paper Mill Store has horizontal and vertical business card layouts in Mac/PC Illustrator CS format. Includes some templates with rounded corners. Templates come with an instruction layer showing how to include bleeds and other suggestions. Site includes suggested paper sizes and paper types for your business cards. You have to enter your email address and subscribe to their email newsletter to grab the templates.

Adobe InDesign Business Card Templates

These templates for use in Adobe InDesign come in 10-up, 8-up, and single layouts with varioius margins, bleeds, crop marks, and some with artwork or color. Tailor the search parameters to your platform or other criteria.

Avery Blank Business Card Templates

Blank Business Cards from Avery, Inc.
Blank Business Cards from Avery, Inc.

Download 10-up and 8-up blank templates for Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. The compatible Avery products for each template are listed with each template.

Great FX Business Cards

Great FX Business Cards Templates
Great FX Business Cards Templates

Start with one of the free horizontal, vertical, or folded business card templates in PSD (Photoshop) format then follow the tutorial to create your business card. These are blank templates with guidelines. After grabbing the templates you can also follow the instructions on the page to help you create a business card in Photoshop.

Apache OpenOffice Blank Business Card Template

Apache OpenOffice Blank Business Card Template

For Apache OpenOffice 2.0 and higher, this is a standard size 3.5" x 2" business card that prints 10 cards per sheet.

See all the business card templates:

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Business Card Software

And you can find even more templates when you use software created specifically for business card design:

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