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Business Cards

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Hand out a little piece of yourself with cute, creative, or corporate business cards. Learn effective business card design. Get tips on fitting all that information in such a small space, the etiquette of business cards, using photos, best fonts, and layout ideas for freelance or do-it-yourself business card design.
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11 Parts of a Business Card
No matter how great the business card design, if important parts are missing it doesn't do the job as effectively as it could. Make sure your business card design has all the needed parts . Related topics: Standard Business Card Size Although they can be any size or shape, most business cards are rectangles of standard dimensions. ...

What is the Size of a Standard Business Card
Although they can be any size or shape, most business cards are rectangles of standard dimensions...

What is the Actual Size of a Mini Business Card?
Half the size of a standard business card is the squishy answer. There are several dimensions for mini business cards. Find out in inches how big these little cards can be.

Double-Duty Business Cards
Making your business card work harder tips.

What Printing Methods Are Best for Business Cards and Letterhead?
From desktop to offset to engraving, some of the many ways to get your business cards and letterhead printed.

Show Off Your Business Card
Do you have a great-looking business card? Show it off. And tell us about the design process and what you like (or don't like) about your business card.

Business Card Design Makeover Project & Gallery
Learn about business card design by checking out the business cards makeovers in our Makover Project Profiles. The specs for this business card design calls for a specific spot color and the creation of shells for in-house personalization. Browse the redesigns.

Design it Yourself Logos, Letterhead, and Business Cards
This book from Chuck Green is recommended for small business owners and non-designers tasked with creating an identity system, including business card design, for their business. For designers, it is also a valuable addition to any design reference library. Full Review

How Magnetic Are Your Business Cards?
Want to create those magnetic business cards but not sure how to do it? In the forum we're discussing the pros and cons of stick-on and print-on magnets and other printing processes. Talk about "attractive" business card design.

Create a Blueprint Style Business Card Background in Microsoft Publisher
This tutorial shows you how to mimic a blueprint for your business card background. At the end there's a template and links to architectural fonts for your card.

Create Custom Business Card Template in Serif PagePlus Starter Edition
This tutorial shows how to choose a layout, modify the size, margins, bleed area and other layout features of a business card using the free Serif PagePlus SE.

Business Card Design Lesson Plans
Learn the principles of business card design by creating a card for a literary or historical figure or for yourself. These lesson plans are for teachers or homeschool parents.

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