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Do the soft-sell and layout it all it in a well-designed brochure. Discover the most essential elements of a good brochure design and explore brochure design makeovers. Find tips and tricks covering copywriting, page layout, font selection, graphics use, paper choices, and folding for brochure design.
  1. Folding & Scoring

Role of DTP in Designing Collaterals, including Brochures
Get an overview of this niche, what it includes, how to design brochures, and the best software.

Booklet or leaflet, often a tri-fold. A brochure typically offers a summary of information or advertising about a product, place, or service.

Folding a Brochure
Get measurements in inches and picas for the panels of several paper sizes and folding styles for brochures including tri-fold, 4 panel spiral folds, and gatefolds.

Books on Brochure Design
Get inspiration from these photo-filled books showcasing numerous brochure design and layout ideas.

Five Types of Brochures
Brochures might be sent by mail, left behind after a client meeting, or distributed in other ways. Explore the Five Types of Brochures described by Advertising Guide Apryl Duncan.

Accordian Folds - Brochure Fold Illustrated
Use this zig-zag fold for a brochure.

Five Essentials for Planning an Effective Brochure
Use Guide Apryl Duncan's Five Essentials for Planning an Effective Brochure to help you develop the right type of brochure for yourself or your client.

C-Folds - Brochure Fold Illustrated
There are many ways to fold a piece of paper for a brochure or other print project. The C-Fold is a common brochure fold or tri-fold.

Creating a Powerful Brochure
Guide Apryl Duncan covers the basics of what to put on the cover of a brochure, using visuals, and the vital information every brochure needs.

Spiral Folds - Brochure Fold Illustrated
Three and four-panel brochures often use this type of fold.

Template: Free Business Brochure
In Illustrator format (plus .eps and .svg), this business brochure template by Charles Esquiaqui is in shades of gray and yellow.

Gallery of Vintage Police Package Brochures
A Taurus, a Mustang, and a Crown Victoria... their brochures, that is.

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