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From Jacci Howard Bear

Read the book on book design. Study advice and tutorials on book design and designing textbooks or manuals, technical reports, and similiar long documents. Learn how to get started designing a book, page layout considerations, font selection, and other tips for creating long documents.
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Book Publishing
Book publishing takes several forms. You can write the book then turn it over to someone else, self-publish, or pick and choose which aspects of book publishing you want to delegate and which you keep for yourself. For self-publishing there are many things you need to know about how to design and layout a book and get it printed.

Four Parts of a Book Design - Explore the Design Elements and Physical Parts...
Most books will have at least a front and back cover, title page, and body text but usually there will be many more parts of a book design. Explore the physical components of hardcover and softcover books as well as the design elements that make of the text portion of most books.

The Role of Desktop Publishing in Designing Publications Like Books, Booklets
Learn more about what's involved in the design of long documents, such as books, manuals, and even booklets from the point of view of the designer. This job requires special skills in text composition and sometimes require some heavy-duty software (but not always).

Best Fonts for Books
Create a more readable book with the right legible fonts.

Page Layout for a Set of Instructions
Learn some tips for how to arrange text and illustrations for step-by-step instructional material.

Make a Gift Idea: Custom Book
Books make great gifts. Books you create yourself are even more special. It doesn't have to be the length of Gone With the Wind either. A book of just a few pages of poetry that you illustrate yourself is a great book gift idea.

Desktop Publishing Your Family History Book
Family histories are a frequent candidate for desktop publishing. While appearances are generally less important than the memories and genealogical data preserved in these books, there's no reason they can't look good as well. No matter how small or how it is printed, there are several easy ways to make your family history book attractive and...

Margins in Page Design
From your Guide, a quick design lesson in the use of margins including common specifications for margins for books and similar documents.

It's a children's book about dinosaurs but there are lessons to learn about typography and book design in this fun title.

Book Design Information
Pneuma Books aims this list at self-publishers considering whether or not to design their book themselves. Contains useful references, a brief outline of the design & production process, standard book sizes, and a PDF of book samples.

Book Design Part II
Text spacing and typeface selection for the body copy in book design are the topics covered in this installment from John D. Berry, writing for creativepro.com.

Design for Reading
Whiskey Creek Document Design offers good advice on readability and book design for any document, but especially technical communications.

Design in a Bind
John D. Berry, in a multi-part column at creativepro.com takes a look at how a book is used and how that influences many of the design elements.

The book design blog - has links to interesting book designs, interesting books, commentary, and occasional job postings for book designers.

Dressing for Success
First in a series of articles by Gunnar Swanson discusses what a book should look like and how to find the right look for the book you are designing.

Reader Centered Design
2nd in a series of Gunnar Swanson this article looks at ways the book designer can approach the size and "ergonomics" of a book.

Selection of Fonts
PRC provides some good advice on fonts for books, manuals, and other documents that may contain technical information or aimed at a technical/scientific audience.

The Last Word on Book Design
John D. Berry wraps up his creativepro.com book design column with a look at the headlines and other display type selections as well as front and back matter design. This is a two page article (see navigation at bottom of page 1).

Types of Manuals
Understanding the different levels and types of manuals can help you create a better book design for it according these tips at PRC.

User-Friendly Manuals
Browse PRC tips and how-tos for writing, designing, and getting manuals and other technical documents printed.

Put Your Book On Bible Paper
This thin, lightweight, opaque printing paper could be what you need for your really big book.

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