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Design Rules for Letterheads by Roger Walton

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The Bottom Line

How many ways are there to design letterhead? More than you might think. And while there may be no hard and fast rules for how you design it, there are some rules and guidelines that will help you create hardworking letterheads that look great. Design Rules for Letterheads is a nice primer for anyone wanting to create their first letterhead or looking for new ideas in letterhead design.
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  • Many varied examples
  • Offers solutions to different design and printing delimmas


  • Color backgrounds sometimes make reading difficult
  • Letterheads not at actual size


  • Hardback. 240 pages.
  • HDi, an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. ISBN: 006058906X
  • Preliminary details on clients, schedules, formats, and related materials.
  • Discusses typography basics and page layout for letterheads.
  • Shows how to organize small and large amounts of text.
  • Describes common letterhead printing and finishing methods.

Guide Review - Design Rules for Letterheads by Roger Walton

I would have liked to have seen this book in a larger format so that letterhead examples were at or closer to full size. However, the book is full of good advice, a variety of letterhead styles, and good basic information on fonts, layout, and printing. Plenty of books cover the design and layout for logos, business cards, and brochures but letterhead is often given only cursory attention. Design Rules for Letterheads mentions a few other items, such as business cards, but focuses heavily on ways to create practical, clever, creative, and useful letterhead layouts. For experienced designers, the book provides numerous visuals to give you ideas. For new designers, it shows you that there is more to creating memorable letterhead than just slapping on a logo and address and making sure the colors match your other identity materials.

It's a colorful book, which can sometimes cause a little eyestrain when there isn't enough contrast between background and text. Old eyes might not like the tiny type in captions. But overall, Design Rules for Letterheads is a useful reference book and idea-generator.

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The review copy of this book came from the reviewer's personal library.
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