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Book Covers and Jackets

From Jacci Howard Bear

Yes, people do judge a book by its cover. Create a book cover or dust jacket worthy of the words on the pages of the book. Study book cover design tutorials and illustration advice on how to prepare artwork for book covers, dust jackets, and book illustrations.

Designing a Book Jacket
Start with a definition, follow up with the elements of a book jacket, then learn how to design a book jacket. After that, go a little further into book covers and slipcases.

Make a Gift Idea: Custom Book Cover
Books make great gifts. A personalized, custom book jacket makes that gift even more special.

Publication Art
Publication art includes book jacket design.

Makeover Project
Design a book jacket for a poetry book in this makeover project. Or, just browse the gallery of redesigns for inspiration and tips in your own book jacket design quest.

Art of the Written Word by Wendell Minor
Twenty-Five Years of Book Cover Art.

Book Cover Design and Templates
CafePress has advice on designing book covers along with templates for some standard book sizes.

Book Cover Design Tips & Tricks
From Fred Showker, steps to consider when coming up with book cover ideas.

Book Covers with Illustrations
These book cover designs by Daniel Will-Harris show off a variety of designs for software books (including some he wrote himself) and a cookbook.

Book Covers with Photographs
Daniel Will-Harris shows off some book covers he has designed along with commentary. Some are his favorite designs that were later changed before going to print because the client didn't always agree with his choices.

Crime Patroll
Here's an example of a book cover that captures the comic book look in illustration style and those colors. From The Blue Hammer blog of cool covers.

Browse these examples of book and video jackets by Michael Amberger.

Front Cover by Alan Powers
Book subtitled: Great Book Jackets and Cover Design. Available September 2001.

Hannus Design
"Which came first, the cover or the book?" Browse their portfolio of book art.

How to Design a Book Cover
An overview and good tips from eHow.

How to Design a Book Cover: 6 Hours of Work in 2 Minute Video
You won't necessarily learn a lot from this time-lapse video but it's fun to watch and might inspire you a bit.

Making Memorable Book Covers
Download this BookTech magazine article in PDF format from creativepro.com. Tells how to create attention-grabbing book covers.

Get inspired by book covers of the early 70's. The Blue Hammer has a great example of the color and style that typified this era.

Putting Some Spine in Design
Discover tips on making your book enticing and memorable when it's packed in on a bookshelf with only a sliver showing. This creativepro.com article addresses the often overlooked spine on books and book jackets.

Spine Bulk Cover Application
Use this online program at Thomson-Shore to create a diagram for your book cover or book jacket. Input the trim dimensions, number of pages, and type of paper for the book and get back a diagram with dimensions for the front and back covers, spine, flaps, and allowances.

Spine Design Colors
O'Reilly explains why they changed the color-coding on the spines of various series of books in 2002. Some O'Reilly readers didn't like the change but it was done to make it easier to find their books on the shelf in a bookstore.

The Form of the Book by Jan Tschichold
A review of this book covering all aspects of book design inside and out.

The Score
The Blue Hammer thinks this is a really great book cover.

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