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Apple iWork


Apple iWork '09 box image courtesy of PriceGrabber

Apple iWork '09 box

image courtesy of PriceGrabber
Apple iWork is an office suite for the Mac consisting of spreadsheet, presentation, and word processing/page layout applications. The successor to AppleWorks, but without some of the same apps such as no database or drawing tools, iWork was first introduced in 2005 (Review). iWork integrates with Apple’s iLife (photo, music, movie utitilies).

Apple iWork 9.0.4 (Compare Prices)

Desktop Publishing with iWork:

Pages is the word processing and page layout component of iWork. Some key features:
  • Word processing including character and paragraph styles, headers, footers, footnotes
  • Writing assistance such as multiple level outline mode, mail merge, equation editor, collaboration tools
  • Page layout with fonts, tables, charts, images
  • Text composition such as text flow and text wrap
  • Graphics tools that include background removal, rotation, and picture frames
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word files; save files as RTF, plain text; export to PDF
  • Share and collaborate by uploading documents to iWork.com

Features New in Pages ‘09::

  • full screen view
  • outline mode
  • mail merge with numbers
  • enhanced template chooser
  • MathType 6 for equations
  • EndNote X2 supporting thousands of bibliographic styles
  • Open Word files; Save Pages documents as Word files
  • Send Pages, Word, PDF as email with Mac OS X Mail
  • 9.0.4 update added the ability to save documents in ePub format (iBook format)

Numbers and Keynote in iWork:

Numbers is the spreadsheet component, first added to the iWork suite in 2007. Keynote is for creating presentations much like Microsoft PowerPoint.

Using Apple iWork:

iWork, and specifically Pages, is recommended Mac software for a number of desktop publishing projects:

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iWork on the iPad:

Buying iWork:

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