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Annual Reports and Proposals

From Jacci Howard Bear

Put a creative spin on the numbers and corporate performance report. Use these practical and creative tips for annual report design as well as designs for proposals and similiar business documents. Get inspiration and ideas from makeovers of actual annual reports.

Role of Desktop Publishing in Creating Annual Reports & Proposals
Discover what you need to know about designing annual reports, a special type of financial document summarizing operations and financial standing of businesses and other organizations.

Parts of an Annual Report
While the company or organization supplies the content, the designer (in collaboration with the client) is responsible for arranging the content and creating an attractive, readable annual report. How many of these parts does your annual report have?

105 Best Annual Report Design Inspiration
From 2011, you'll find plenty to admire and gain inspiration from. Some of the annual reports include Ralph Lauren, BP, Billabong, and Bank of Moscow. At dzine blog.

Inspiration: Top 25 Annual Report Designs
From 2008, take a tour of some outstanding annual reports from a design perspective.

STEP Inside Design Annual Reports
2005 Annual report design winners. View photos and read narratives from the designers.

Tips for Creating a Good Annual Report
Tips for creating a good annual report, aimed more at the company or organization but may help the new designer visualize what a typical report contains.

What Makes a Good Annual Report
Sid Cato's 15 standards for a good annual report including design-specific criteria.

Some Key Elements for Designing an Annual Report
Written specifically for the State Library of Iowa, nevertheless you may get some tips or ideas from what they expect from an annual report.

Ask Mr. Annual Report 2002
Among the questions in this Q&A column: "Are there any particular design features that stand out in annual reports as bad or good in the outcome of the entire product? Looking at things like graphs, layouts, and images or photos?"

Ask Mr. Annual Report 2003
Photo captions, interesting content, and annual reports on CD are some of the questions fielded in this Q&A.

Ask Mr. Annual Report 2004
Among the questions are some on type size, corporate identity, and cost of printing annual reports.

Ask Mr. Annual Report 2005
Answers to questions about paper, differences in traditional and non-traditional reports and more.

Paper [PDF]
What types of paper are best for annual reports? This chart tells you then the article from Adobe Magazine explains the different types of paper. Text and coated book papers are suggested for annual reports.

Sid Cato's Official Annual Report Website
Contains tips, articles, and commentary on annual reports, including design aspects.

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