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Adobe InDesign Basics

This is a free Adobe InDesign course for those who do not have much experience with InDesign and want to learn how to use this program. The Adobe InDesign Basics course will give you the basics on which you can then develop further skills and become proficient at using this powerful layout program.

The InDesign course combines basic desktop publishing skills and graphics design principles with the specifics of how to use Adobe InDesign CS to create visual communications.

Each lesson consists of 1 or more multi-part tutorials and self-study tips. Some lessons include an assignment for posting in the DTP Classroom forum.

The Adobe InDesign Basics course will eventually consist of approximately 10 or 12 lessons. Only a few lessons are online at this time.

InDesign Course Overview: Adobe InDesign Basics

This overview describes the focus of the InDsign course and includes details on the instructor(s), format of the lessons, versions covered, etc. There is also an outline of the course which links to the lessons (also listed on this page).

Lesson 1 - Work Area, Tools, Palettes

In the first lesson of the Adobe InDesign Basics course, Elisabetta reviews the Work Area, Tools, and Palettes that make up the main screen. Learn how to navigate the lessons and how to get the most out of this lesson and the entire course.

Lesson 2 - How to Set Up Documents in InDesign CS

The Document area is where you'll set up your document and start creating your knock-out publications. Get an overview of the parts in this lesson of the Adobe InDesign Basics course and find out what your assignment is.

Lesson 3 - Working With Colour in InDesign CS

The Colour, Swatches, and Gradient Palettes are the three areas of Adobe InDesign where you specify the colours to use in your document. Learn how to use each of these palettes as well as the basics of using color in desktop publishing.

Lesson 4 - The Selection, Drawing, Type, Frame, and Shape Tools

In Lesson 4 of the Adobe InDesign Basics Class learn the basics of using the selection, type, drawing, frame, and shape tools. Select objects. Draw lines with the pen, pencil, and line tools. Create image and text frames.

Lesson 5 - Transform, Eyedropper, Gradient, Scissor, Zoom Tools

In this lesson of the Adobe InDesign Basics class we'll explore the basics of the rotate, scale, shear, freehand transform, eyedropper, measurement, gradient, button, scissor, hand, and zoom tools.
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