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X-Height as Used in Typography and Desktop Publishing
In typography, x-height is the distance between the baseline of a line of type and tops of the main body of lowercase letters (i.e. excluding ascenders or ...
Measuring Type for Desktop Publishing
In addition to point size, cap height and x-height are two other measures of importance. All three are moving targets. That is, two fonts at 72 points can have ...
Cap Height - A Typography Term - Desktop Publishing - About.com
The cap height relative to the x-height (baseline to tops of lowercase letters without ascenders: a x m...) affects the legibility of type, especially at body copy sizes.
X-Height Definition as Used in Web Design - Web Design/HTML
The term x-height refers to a typographical measure of letters. It is specifically the height of the lowercase letter 'x' from the baseline in a typeface. This size ...
An Introduction to Typeface / Letter Anatomy - Graphic Design
In the images below, the part of the character being discussed is in red, or circled in red. A few extra terms, such as baseline and x-height, are included to help ...
Aspect Ratio Table of Common Fonts - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Font aspect ratios are calculated by dividing their x-height by their size. This table shows my calculations for the aspect ratios of several popular font families.
Area and Surface Formulas - Mathematics - About.com
Shapes. Formula. Rectangle: Area = Length X Width A = lw. Perimeter = 2 X Lengths + 2 X Widths P = 2l + 2w. Parallelogram Area = Base X Height a = bh.
Using the CSS3 font-size-adjust Property to Set Your Font Sizes
As you can see from the image above, fonts that are the same font-size do not always have the same x-height. In the image, I used three font families: “Century  ...
Ascender - Type Anatomy Glossary - Desktop Publishing - About.com
In typography, the upward vertical stem on some lowercase letters, such as h and b, that extends above the x-height is the ascender. The height of the ascenders ...
Why Use the Font-Size-Adjust Property
When you set the font-size-adjust property, you tell the browser what the x-height ratio should be for the font. Then, when it displays the font, it adjusts the size to ...
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